Bookkeeper-General Batavia/Boekhouder-Generaal Batavia

Voyage Details

Number 12746
Book year 1737/1738
Source 10770
Folio number 192
Ship name Enkhuizen
Departure date 31-10-1738
Departure place and region Nagasaki, Japan
Arrival date -
Arrival place and region Batavia, Batavia
Total value Dutch guilders -
Total value Indian guilders 332.563,5,8
Remarks Voyage The sum of the product-values is 1 guilder and 3 stivers higher than the total value of the invoice, because the product-values were recorded in tael in the BGB invoice and converted to guilders prior to entry into the database. The product-values in tael are provided in the ‘remarks’ fields for each product.

Total value in tael of the products originally valued in tael: 93.544,1,4,9,6 6/7
Voyage in DAS -

Cargo details

Quantity Product Specification Value Dutch guilders Value Indian guilders Remarks Product
1.425 pees koban gouden 41.448,3 In tael: 11.861,3,67 6/7.
630.000 lb staafkoper - 285.432 In tael: 81.683,11,29
1.643 pees roggenvel - 329,13,0
1.000 pees djatiplank - 331,10,0
4 pees katigewicht - 61,2,0
diverse - rariteiten - 4.962,0,8
Total: 332.564,8,8