Bookkeeper-General Batavia/Boekhouder-Generaal Batavia

Voyage Details

Number 15188
Book year 1702/1703
Source 10753
Folio number 356
Ship name Ellemeet
Departure date 30-10-1703
Departure place and region Nagasaki, Japan
Arrival date -
Arrival place and region Malakka, Malakka
Total value Dutch guilders -
Total value Indian guilders 230.615,13
Remarks Voyage The cargo was shipped to Malacca and from there was distributed to other destinations.
Voyage in DAS -

Cargo details

Quantity Product Specification Value Dutch guilders Value Indian guilders
588.000 lb staafkoper fijn geraffineerd Japans 228.781,12,8
23 balie provisie diverse, voor Ceylon 196,18
10 balie provisie diverse, voor Surat 146,6
diverse - ongelden - 1.490,16,8
Total: 230.615,13