Bookkeeper-General Batavia/Boekhouder-Generaal Batavia

Voyage Details

Number 16590
Book year 1712/1713
Source 10759
Folio number 449
Ship name Brug
Departure date -
Departure place and region Palembang, Palembang
Arrival date 23-8-1713
Arrival place and region Batavia, Batavia
Total value Dutch guilders -
Total value Indian guilders 46.645,5,8
Remarks Voyage -
Voyage in DAS -

Cargo details

Quantity Product Specification Value Dutch guilders Value Indian guilders Remarks Product
364.536 lb peper zwart geharpt 39.923,13,0
21.960 lb peper wit 4.910,10,8
600 bos bindrotan Jambise 160,16,0
600 pees kadjangmat - 45,4,8
720 pees zeildoek ruw Kust in 9 pakken 1.605,1,8 The products were brought to Palembang from Batavia in 1708 with the Berkel, but proved unmarketable and are therefore returned by this ship on the orders of the High Government of Batavia.
Total: 46.645,5,8