Bookkeeper-General Batavia/Boekhouder-Generaal Batavia

Voyage Details

Number 18151
Book year 1728/1729
Source 10766
Folio number 23
Ship name Wolphaartsdijk
Departure date -
Departure place and region Kaap de Goede Hoop, Kaap de Goede Hoop
Arrival date 11-1-1729
Arrival place and region Batavia, Batavia
Total value Dutch guilders -
Total value Indian guilders 405,0,8
Remarks Voyage The cargo was originally shipped from the Republic for the Chamber of Zeeland by the ship Stabroek, which was wrecked on 3-7-1728. The products were transferred to the Wolphaartsdijk at The Cape of Good Hope and transported to Batavia by that ship.

172,9,8 in Dutch guilders = 215,11,8 in Indian guilders
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Cargo details

Quantity Product Specification Value Dutch guilders Value Indian guilders
7 kelder brandewijn - 189,9,0
100 lb lijm - 42,1,0
797 lb loodwit in broden 103,13,0
250 lb oker geel 23,10,0
- 3 procent - 3,5,8
Total: 172,9,8 189,9