Bookkeeper-General Batavia/Boekhouder-Generaal Batavia

Voyage Details

Number 7437
Book year 1701/1702
Source 10752
Folio number 14
Ship name Driebergen
Departure date -
Departure place and region Delft, Republiek
Arrival date 9-10-1701
Arrival place and region Batavia, Batavia
Total value Dutch guilders -
Total value Indian guilders 3.352,12,8
Remarks Voyage The Driebergen delivered the cargo via the Chamber of Rotterdam (the invoice mistakenly states Amsterdam).
Voyage in DAS go to DAS voyage 1851.4

Cargo details

Quantity Product Specification Value Dutch guilders Value Indian guilders
84 vierendeel boter Delfts 3.352,12,8
Total: 3.352,12,8